Pre-sale Services:

   DingBo's technical support team which is throughout the world and have the professional knowledge level will help you to solve the problems that you meet in the using process of the mining and construction equipment.   We will accompany the you to understand equipment from the components manufacturing to the whole process of the whole machine production, detailed introduces the composition of equipment structure,so that you can choose the most suitable equipment   As a good adviser and assistant of clients, we can enable them to get rich and generous returns on their investments:


 ● Train technical support team for clients;


 ● Introduction the equipments for clients;


 ● Select equipment model;


 ● Deign and manufacture products according to clients' special requirement;


During Sales:


 ● Help clients to draft solving plans.


 ● Product by the standard of technology strictly


 ● Shipment by the contract in time

To provide comprehensive after-sales service:

  We'll send installation team in customer site, from the foundation construction, equipment installation, equipment commissioning and operating guidance for a package of services strategy. No matter inside and outside the warranty period, the company is to provide timely and thoughtful site maintenance, to safeguard the rights and interests of customers, is exempted from the customer's worries .

  We will provide in operational training including how to reduce the maintenance frequency, prolong the service life of equipment and reduce loss, improve the efficiency of production operations such as guidance services, combined with the situation machine for customers to understand the equipment structure, working principle, design and basic maintenance and fault handling method .

  We provide on-site service including check equipment status inspection and site conditions, provided free of charge to redesign services (especially in the most economic and reasonable configuration of existing equipment). We pay attention to environmental protection at the same time, reduce waste and environmental damage, solve the problem of noise and dust emissions in production, to bring you a double protection of economy and the environment .

  We will with high quality, the most reasonable and economic & throughout; Standards provide you bring the biggest profit product service plan and service strategy. Services both at home and abroad! We will with the fastest, the most economical, the most perfect service for you to ensure a comfortable and satisfied the production line .